Our Team


Dave Hampton; Co-Founder

Dave Hampton has been a passionate sustainability professional for more than 30 years. In his younger days, he rowed for Great Britain. Having studied engineering at Cambridge University, during the 1990’s Dave led the team that created the world’s first method for measuring the environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure (BREEAM) – now used in 80 countries worldwide. Since 2005, as the Carbon Coach, he has advised and inspired celebrities and organisations to improve their sustainability footprints. Champions for Earth (launched in 2018) has been a dream of his since the London Olympics. Dave has hosted The Eco Show weekly on Marlow FM since 2010. He is a Director of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners and a judge on the Global Good Awards. He has been a climate activist since 2005, and is currently being mentored by Mac Macartney, founder of Embercombe.

C2 Final – Baillie & Stott, Hounslow & Florence – Medal ceremony

Etienne Stott; Co-Founder

Etienne Stott won the Gold Medal at the London 2012 Olympics in the sport of canoe slalom. After retiring in 2016, he began to realise the huge threat posed by the climate and ecological emergency. In order to be authentic to these understandings, he has become outspoken on this issue. He is a prominent member of Extinction Rebellion and has been arrested several times undertaking peaceful civil disobedience actions. Etienne believes that sport has a unique power to engage, connect and inspire, and that the qualities of leadership and task-focus are vital in addressing the emergency. He sees Champions for Earth, and the athletes involved in it, as a powerful force to advocate for the changes required to secure a thriving future for all and all to come.


Melissa Wilson

Melissa joined Champions for Earth in April 2020. She has been a member of the GB Rowing Team for the last four years, qualifying the Women’s Quad for the Tokyo Olympics. Whilst studying English and Law at university, she raced in four Blue Boats and in 2017 stroked the Cambridge crew to their first Boat Race win in five years. Over the last ten years Melissa has grown increasingly concerned by the threat of climate change, and believes that sourcing and pursuing solutions is of paramount importance. She works part-time for the Good Law Project, with a focus on Environmental Law.


Katie Rood

Katie grew up in New Zealand and represents the Football Ferns, New Zealand’s national football team. She is also a UK citizen and plays in Sussex, for Lewes FC. Katie is a passionate environmentalist, vegan and social justice advocate. She joined Champions for Earth in mid 2019 and believes strongly in the power of the athlete voice to change the world for the better.

‘Champions for Earth Co-Founders, Etienne Stott and Dave Hampton’